She Walks on Gilded Splinters
By Gene Dwyer

Marie Laveau of New Orleans is recognized as one of the most influential women of 19th Century North America. The life and legend of this Voodoo Priestess has been clouded in mystery. Her followers in the American South witnessed her supernatural powers of healing and casting spells prior to the Civil War and then during Reconstruction. Her legend, including her immortality, is even stronger and more complex. Thousands come to her New Orleans mausoleum every year to ask favors and pay homage.

She Walks On Gilded Splinters” is the never before told story of Marie Laveau, her life and legend uncensored. She lives today and time and disease will never claim her. “She Walks On Gilded Splinters” is a mixture of historical fact and the legend of this powerful woman. Explore 16th Century Africa and New Orleans, with a riveting opening chapter in Selma, Alabama on March 7, 1965, a watershed day in the American Civil Rights movement. The story of Marie Laveau takes the reader down a road built by racism, and the horrors inherent. This unique novel is an intricate murder mystery following retribution for the sins of past generations set against the history and consequences of the slave trade.

About the Author

Gene Dwyer is a graduate of Loyola University of New Orleans-School of Law. Signed copies of “She Walks On Gilded Splinters” include application of a seal with powerful Louisiana gris gris. The seal has been hand carved from a relic from the tomb of Marie Laveau.

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 ISBN: 978-1-60693-464-7
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